International 'Ghostbusters' Trailer Mocks the Haters by Featuring Way More Chris Hemsworth

As the haters continue to hate, the fresh 'Ghostbusters' team keeps taking wins.

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Now that the first full trailer for Paul Feig's Ghostbusters has had a chance to sink deeply into our collective pop culture subconscious, the Sony team has unveiled the international version. As is generally the case with international trailers, this two-minute blast features some fresh footage and—perhaps most noticeably—way more Chris Hemsworth.

Hemsworth, as previously reported with general glee, is bringing his Hemsworthiness to Feig's Ghosbusters as the team's receptionist, Kevin. In the original Ghostbusters films, the crew's trusted receptionist (the inimitable Janine Melnitz) proved an invaluable addition to the planet-saving task of busting ghosts. Will Hemsworth's Kevin prove just as vital? Most likely.

The Thor star initially passed on the role, Variety reported back in June, but was convinced to reconsider when the script was amended to "beef up" Kevin's presence. However, as noted by Ghostbusters enthusiasts on multiple occasions, the return of a very crucial character from the original films is where the real buzz comes in.

"People are obsessed with Slimer," Feig told the Verge last week. "He’s probably the most recognizable thing from Ghostbusters, or the thing that people are most focused on. It’s so funny to me." Funny indeed. Ghostbusters brings its fresh 2016 take on a classic tale to theaters on July 15. Slimer, much like yourself, is stoked.

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