Every 'Captain America: Civil War' Easter Egg You May Have Missed

An ‘Arrested Development’ Easter egg is one of many in ‘Captain America: Civil War.’

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The impenetrable veil of secrecy that surrounded Captain America: Civil War has been lifted, with the film doing predictably massive box office numbers over the weekend. As with any Marvel film, Civil War gifted filmmakers with another opportunity to cram in as many Easter eggs as possible. As Civil War is officially the longest Marvel movie ever, directors Joe and Anthony Russo clearly decided to put nearly every single frame to good use.

Mr. Sunday Movies, who essentially has a PhD in Marvel Easter eggs, broke down all the semi-hidden cameos and references in under 7 minutes Sunday. Though many of the Marvel Cinematic Universe nods found in Civil War were obvious, many of the film's clever touches are indeed a pleasant surprise. All blatant spoilers aside, the coolest cameo came in the form of this fine automobile:

The infamous Bluth Company stair car, gloriously pictured above, made a brief but spectacular appearance during Civil War's airport sequence. The Russo brothers previously directed several Arrested Development episodes, making the appearance of the Bluth Company stair car is a nod to their TV past—notconfirmation of some sort of Arrested Development x Captain America crossover in the vein of MIB 23. The Russo brothers also included a brief homage to Community in Civil War, a series for which they both individually directed more than a dozen episodes.

Thanks in large part to its expert handling of one of Arrested Development's most cherished creations, Captain Ameria: Civil War followed up its international box office glory with similar glory stateside over the weekend. Civil War pulled more than $181 million domestically, with Box Office Mojonoting that brings the film's global haul to $676 million. If Marvel wants even bigger numbers next time, they should really consider that whole Arrested Development x Captain America thing.

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