British Guys Ride Around on Hoverboards Near Police to See If They're Actually Illegal

Please do not initiate a debate on whether or not these Swegways should be considered *actual* hoverboards.

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The utopian predictions of Wiz Khalifa, man of the future, are slowly coming to fruition. As previously reported, that utopian dream was briefly interrupted earlier this week when Metropolitan Police took to Twitter to inform potential hoverboard enthusiasts that it's actually illegal to futuristically travel "on public roads or pavements, or anywhere apart from private property with the landowner's permission." Such ease of travel would reportedly violate section 72 of the Highway Act 1835 in England and Wales, which is a boring fact no one actually cares about.

Instead of just giving up the decades-long fight to avoid walking altogether, the brave British minds over at Carnage decided to put this supposed legal precedent to the test by cruising around on Swegways near police. In addition to making it strikingly clear just how different British police act when compared with those in the States, the clip also shows that (slight spoiler alert) no one really gives a shit that people are riding around on so-called hoverboards.

Hover on, young futurists.

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