Some Party-Crashing Guy Who Looks Like Bradley Cooper Is Wreaking Absolute Havoc at Sundance

What's with all these people who look like other people?

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In the wake of Russian Leonardo DiCaprio, we have something far more sinister to report: a party-crashing Bradley Cooper doppelganger who's apparently keeping quite busy by wreaking absolute havoc during this year's Sundance Film Festival shenanigans. This unnamed look-alike, hopefully known to someone as Cradley Booper, was reported by Page Six as having successfully slipped into a party for the much-discussed White Girl.

Though he successfully talked his way into the party, this hero known (to no one) as Cradley Booper was quickly apprehended and removed from the event, reportedly while screaming "You're done for!" and happily showing fellow patrons his iPhone wallpaper. That wallpaper, allegedly some predictable Hangover shot, was apparently this guy's proof of being the real Bradley Cooper.

Well played, Cradley Booper. But you're not anywhere near as fake as this fake AF baby from American Sniper, a real movie starring the real Bradley Cooper:

Now that's a good fake.

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