These Awesomely Horrifying Headless Robot Dogs Would Like to Wish You the Happiest of Holidays

All I want for the holidays is a robot dog.

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Holiday cheer is cool and all, but how do our cherished robotic dogs feel about it? Boston Dynamics decided to find out by employing their own robot dogs as makeshift reindeer for a wannabe Santa Claus in a presumably electric-powered sleigh and filming it. Google acquired Boston Dynamics back in 2013, according to the Daily Dot, but that obviously hasn't deterred the burgeoning robotics company from ensuring their most adorable and/or generally unsettling creations achieve peak holiday spirit.

This holiday season, instead of wasting your brain on traditional holiday images like these:

Try something like this instead:

At the very least, now the Claus fam knows exactly what to cop for Santa this year.

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