'Blade' Trilogy Gets the 'Honest Trailers' Treatment

Let's make 'Blade 4' happen.

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After teasing that "the blood God" was coming, Screen Junkies has released the Honest Trailers take on the Blade trilogy.

The trailer pays homage to "three movies of wildly different quality," while also bringing attention to the trilogy's impact on subsequent comic book movies. Rightfully, Snipes' dialogue also gets an enthusiastic shout-out, including this classic line: "Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill."

See the full Blade-centered Honest Trailer in the video up top.

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Blade has been the subject of intense reboot speculation for years now. During a recent round of hype, Snipes himself intervened to remind everyone "there's only one Blade fam!"

He later added that he was "open" to the idea of Blade 4. "And there are other characters in the Marvel universe that, if they want to invite me to play around with, I am with that too," Snipes told the Hollywood Reporter in January. "I think the fans have a hunger for me to revision the Blade character, so that could limit where they could place me as another character in that universe."

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Though we don't know how exactly it will happen—either reboot or proper sequel—we do know that Marvel is planning on having Blade return at some point. "He's a really fun character," Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige accurately said back in 2016.

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