Exclusive: Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson Discuss 'Zoolander 2,' Inventing the Duck Face, and "Cool Dude" Meek Mill

Sorry, Owen. But what exactly is "The Dub?"

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With Zoolander 2 now officially available for proper Valentine's Day consumption at a cineplex near you, it was only right that our own Speedy Morman caught up with stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson to discuss everything from getting banned in Malaysia to the inimitable Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán.

"You know what's funny is that I actually was in Malaysia a few years ago and met the Prime Minister," Wilson tells Speedy, referencing the controversy inspired by a crucial plot point of the 2001 original. "We took a photograph and the guy could not have seemed happier." By Stiller's best estimates, that feeling of happiness was possibly related to the fact that no one was trying to kill him.

The most revealing moment, however, comes when Speedy demands a direct answer from Stiller about maybe definitely inventing the duck face. "Derek Zoolander might be [responsible], not me," Stiller insists. "Derek Zoolander existed before the camera existed to take his picture and I feel like he was just waiting for the actual selfie camera to exist."

Peep the full interview above, including a lightning round involving some top-shelf commentary on everything from Meek Mill to Owen Wilson's unique explanation of dabbing, then be sure to take a glance at our interview with fellow Zoolander-er Billy Zane.

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