Is Valentine's Day really that big of a deal? Probably not. But why not enter this most sugar-infused of holidays with the confidence that, at the very least, you're actively engaging in the most attractive Netflix habits? A fresh Netflix study published on Thursday shows that, despite your nostalgic binging of The Magic School Bus, what you're watching definitely has an impact on your love (and/or lack thereof) life:

Netflix's Valentine Study Results

The study, in which Netflix directly asked users how their viewing habits improved or worsened their relationships, reveals that comedy is in fact the "top genre that potential romantic interest’s find attractive on an online dating profile," meaning those simply not very into solitude should probably be watching comedies. According to the study, shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Office are a quick way to make your profile pop. On the non-comedy side of love-promoting streams, shows like House of Cards and Breaking Bad are perfect for a good bonding binge.

But what about taking that union into the general territory of "official," whatever that means?

Netflix's Valentine Study "Official" Results

Sure. We won't mention the fact that the guy on the right is definitely about to get killed by a loose arrow.

Once the relationship is established, there are plenty of things one can do to keep it moving so as to avoid the Annie Hall dead shark disease. According to the study, your emphasis on loving and caring for another individual would be greatly improved with a few quick Netflix compromises:

Netflix's Valentine Study "Happy Relationship" Results

The simple answer to a more fulfilling existence in our dystopian dating world? Watch better (and sometimes funnier) stuff on Netflix. However, just to be safe, remember to keep your friends close and your Netflix password even closer.

Happy loving.