Aziz Ansari Gives Former GOP Candidate Bobby Jindal a Proper Send-Off Involving "High Concept Nudes"

Peace out, Jindal. We hardly knew ye.

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In case you missed it (you probably did), Bobby Jindal dropped out of the 2016 presidential race earlier this week, prompting much of the nation to say "He was running? Damn." Thankfully, Jindal’s campaign suspension also provided plenty of reasons for resident NetflixchampionAziz Ansari to revive his Bobby Jindal impression on The Tonight Show on Thursday, an impression he only just debuted two weeks ago.

"I’ve never been invited back to a TV show before," 'Jindal' admits to host Jimmy Fallon, before facing the inevitable question of why exactly his bid for the White House was ending, as if that weren’t glaringly obvious. "Now, Jimmy, for the record, I’m not ending my campaign," Ansari Jindal explains. "I'm just suspending it."

To further drive home this point of suspension, the former presidential candidate dives into an impressively thorough Han Solo metaphor, ending with his plan to give this whole POTUS thing another shot: "I’m gonna thaw it out in 2020," says this far more tolerable version of Bobby Jindal, adding that his new campaign slogan is the fitting "Jindal 2020: Thaw It Out!" As for his post-suspension plans, Jindal has apparently been inspired by George W. Bush's perplexing hobby of painting to start delivering "high concept nudes" like the gem below:

Thaw it out!

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