Interview: Miles Teller, Kid Cudi, and the Cast of "Two Night Stand" Talk Awkward Sexual Encounters

Miles Teller, Scott Mescudi, Jessica Szhor, and more talk the making of "Two Night Stand" and dealing with awkward sexual encounters.

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One-night stands are awkward enough, especially if you wake up realizing the person you woke up next to is completely awful. But what happens when, say, a snow storm turns your ill-timed hook-up into a two-night affair, leaving you stuck with the most obnoxious person in the world? That's exactly what happens in Max Nichols' Two Night Stand, starring Miles Teller as Alec, a talky Brooklynite, and Analeigh Tipton as Megan, an unlikely-in-love couch potato. Forced together by Mother Nature (and the fact that Megan's roomies, played by Kid Cudi and Jessica Szohr, kicked her out), the two decide to spend their second night together teaching each other to become better lovers, no emotions attached. Of course, that never works.

Complex got a chance to attend the L.A. premiere of Two Night Stand, out in select theaters on September 26, where we caught up with the film's main cast. There, we chopped it up about everything from the making of the movie to how to handle your own awkward sexual encounters.

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