All the Ways Jennifer Lawrence Is a Better Person Than You

It's true. Admit it.

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Fact: Everyone wants to be Jennifer Lawrence's best friend. It's kind of impossible not to want to, unless you're one of those stone-cold cynics who's convinced she's a complete phony. Whatever, don't be a buzzkill—have some of this Kool-Aid. From what the world has seen of the 23-year-old The Hunger Games: Catching Fire star, she's nothing short of awesome. So awesome that it's difficult not to get introspective and think, "How come I suck at being as dope of a person as her?" First, study all the ways Jennifer Lawrence is a better person than you, then reconfigure your shit. (And go see Catching Fire when it opens this Friday.)

She's a charismatic goof.

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She keeps it fresh.

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Her physical prowess is unmatched.

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She maintains a balanced diet.

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She's educated in the classics, and can quote them in any given situation.

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She's self-aware...

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...and incredibly talented.

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She's generous and polite.

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She's fiercely loyal...

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...and creatively resourceful.

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Really, she's pretty sincere.

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And she can call bullshit...

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...without alienating people.

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 She doesn't want to play the game...

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...So stop trying to sub her in. 

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But the best part is...


...she won't admit it.


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No matter how damn obvious it is.

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Now go and...

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