"The Hobbit" Passes $600 Million Mark in Box Office

Meanwhile, Django Unchained tops Les Misérables.

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More good news for The Hobbit: On the heels of edging outLes Misérables for the top spot in the box office, Deadline is reporting that the film earned over $200 million in the domestically and $400 million internationally, bringing its global cumulative to $600 million. That number keeps it at #1 in the box office, over newer releases Les Mis and Django Unchained. Not bad!

As for Django: the Quentin Tarantino spaghetti western starring Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio has surprisingly already moved up to the #2 spot over Les Mis, with its estimated weekend gross at $24.8 million. It's not all bad news for the Tom Hooper-helmed musical though - Les Mis is expected to pass the $100 million mark this weekend, as the film is now playing in eight international territories, including Australia and Spain. 

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