Just a few days after being kicked off the top spot by new release Les Misérables, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that The Hobbit is back at number one in the box office with another $10.1 million earned domestically and $26 million earned internationally. This brings the film's global cumulative to a whopping $562.8 million. In North America, where the film has earned $189.8 million so far, it's expected to pass the $200 million mark at some point this weekend.

The Hobbit's surge in the box office means that Les Misérables is now sitting at the number two spot in the box office, with audiences declining about 25% since Wednesday. Meanwhile, Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained is still at #3, with $33.3 million earned domestically - international numbers should rise next month, as the film as yet to be released in the UK.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]