Glenn Beck Compared Paula Deen to Martin Luther King Jr.

Is anyone surprised?

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We can't say that we're particularly surprised by this, but it's still fairly messed up: According to Media Matters, conservative commentator Glenn Beck has rushed to the defense of Paula Deen, who last week made headlines when a deposition transcript that contained proof she'd nonchalantly used racist and anti-semitic slurs leaked onto the web. A half-hearted, rather pathetic apology video followed, then the news that both Food Network and QVC were not planning on renewing any contracts with Deen. 

Beck, remarkably, is seeing absolutely nothing wrong with what Deen said—even though the deposition transcript, according to The Daily Beast, went something like this: "In her testimony, Deen admits to using the N-word...[and] details the Southern plantation wedding of her dreams, in which black waiters serve guests slave-style."

Instead of taking this to be racism—which it is—on a June 24th episode of his web show, Beck instead said he believed that Deen's public shaming and loss of her QVC and Food Network deals is an "active destruction of Constitutional principles," and "symptomatic of the nation's decline." Even worse: He then proceeded to compare Deen to Martin Luther King Jr. You can check out a video Beck defending Deen below.

Gotta ask, who's the more awful person: Paula Deen, or Glenn Beck?

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[via Media Matters]

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