Finch From "American Pie" Had a Knife Pulled On Him By a One Night Stand

Poor Finch can't catch a break.

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American Pie star Eddie Kaye Thomas really knows how to pick 'em. According to Gawker, the actor had a knife pulled on him yesterday by a woman he'd just met 24 hours prior at an LA diner, and brought back to his home for a one night stand. 

Thomas reportedly asked the woman to leave after she'd spent the night. The request sent her flying into a rage - probably screaming "I watched American Reunion for you!!!!!" because, really, that movie sucked - and she pulled a kitchen knife on the actor, threatening to kill him. Luckily, Thomas was able to escape and, once outside, call the police on the woman.

LAPD sent a SWAT team as the woman barricaded herself in the home, and they proceeded to engage in an hours-long standoff until finally forcing her out with tear gas - but not before she trashed his home and wrecked a good amount of his belongings.

The woman was then taken to a hospital for a psych evaluation before being booked on a charge of felony vandalism. Poor Finch... that kid just can't catch a break. 

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