This Is What Happens When Ice Cube, Conan O'Brien, and Kevin Hart Get a Ride With a Complete Stranger

It's hilarious.

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So, on last night's Conan, host Conan O'Brien once again proved how much of a comedic genius he is with a skit involving himself, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart all using the ride-sharing app Lyft to hitch a ride around LA with a complete stranger named Anthony. It was a stunt to promote Hart and Ice Cube's new film, Ride Along, of course, but regardless—it was hilarious

First,  the guys all stop at a liquor store in Hollywood to pick up some 40s, which they then proceed to drink out of paper bags before driving up to Runyon Canyon to figure out where to get some weed. It's all very classy, you see.

You can check out the clip above. Ride Along is set to hit theaters on Jan 17, 2014.

[via LAist]

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