Meet Walter Blanco, Univision's Version of "Breaking Bad's" Walter White

The tighty-whities are here to stay.

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Earlier this year, we told you about Univision's plans for a Spanish-language Breaking Bad remake titled Metastasis, in which a chemistry teacher is diagnosed with cancer, and turns to cooking methamphetamine with one of his old students—only, his name is Walter Blanco instead of Walter White, and he lives in Colombia instead of New Mexico. Also, there won't be an RV because they aren't terribly popular over in Latin America, and Walt will instead start his meth empire with Jose Rosas (a.k.a., Colombian Jesse Pinkman) in an old school bus.

But hey, if you understand Spanish, it'll kind of be like reliving the series all over again!

There are some things that won't be changing, however—like the inclusion of Walter in tighty-whities. This is evidenced by the first image of the series, which shows Walter Blanco standing in the Colombian desert sans pants, holding two guns, just like the first scene in Breaking Bad all those years ago. Kind of makes you feel a little sentimental, in a way.

There's also a trailer that has been voice-over'd for English audiences, which I've attached below. 

No word on when Metastasis will air.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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