Anthony Hopkins Binge-Watched "Breaking Bad," Then Wrote Bryan Cranston a Letter About It

He apparently watched it all in two weeks.

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Turns out, Anthony Hopkins: Just like us. Apparently, at some point in the last month, the 75-year-old actor binge-watched the entire series of Breaking Bad in two weeks, and he loved it so much, that he decided to write star Bryan Cranston a little fan letter to tell him just how much.

Unlike the rest of us, however, since he is Anthony Hopkins, his letter was actually able to get to Bryan Cranston—as well as the rest of the cast. And now, thanks to Steven Michael Quezada (Gomez), it's available for the world to read. Tell us, Anthony Hopkins, how much did you love Breaking Bad?


The random "Amazon" name-drop is a bit weird, but this is adorable nonetheless. Not to mention, all the awards the show won over the course of its nearly six-year run don't mean nearly as much as Sir Anthony Hopkins' endorsement does. Breaking Bad is truly one of the greatest shows of our time.

[via Buzzfeed]

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