Is This Amanda Bynes' Secret Twitter Account?

Perez Hilton and Reddit seem to think so.

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Here's your Amanda Bynes news of the day: Both Perez Hilton and some users over at Reddit seem to think that a new Twitter account with the handle @persiannyc27 may be Bynes' secret Twitter account. It's purely speculation, of course—Bynes still tweets copiously from her now-verified account, @AmandaBynes—but their evidence is plentiful, to say the least. From Perez Hilton:

The voices in my head are driving me crazy

Perez goes on to point out that Bynes has retweeted the account herself a few times, then suggests that, if the account is hers, the behavior be "exhibiting possible symptoms of schizophrenia, [and] clearly there are violent tendencies as well." 

Reddit's argument is similar, but they present a little more evidence


Another user also adds that Amanda was the first person to follow the account when it was created in early May of this year. 

It's worth noting that Bynes tweeted earlier today, "I won't deny calling @Drake ugly," after retweeting from the @persiannyc27 account:

@drake acts ugly because he looks ugly

Once again, this is all speculative—there's no real evidence that Bynes is actually the one behind the @persiannyc27 account and if it's a, as Perez Hilton calls it, "an outlet for Amanda to reveal her darker thoughts." But, seriously, this has gone way past wondering if she's trolling and if this is just some intricate ruse a la Joaquin Phoenix, as we were only a couple of months ago—even if she's not behind the @persiannyc27 account, her personal, verified account, as well as her legal troubles as of late, are worrisome enough on their own.

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