Viral Chewbacca Mask Woman Gets Massive Surprise From Kohl's

Kohl's just surprised the famous Chewbacca mask lady with toys for her whole family.

A video of a woman trying on a Chewbacca mask has gone uber-viral, amassing over 115,000 views as of Saturday evening. It's broken the record for most-viewed Facebook Live post by a landslide, according to Fox.

In the process, it's gotten a huge amount of publicity for Kohl's, the store the mask was purchased from. So, the store decided to reward the woman in the video, Candace Payne, with some extra masks and a few more surprises. 

A video on the retailer's Facebook page shows a Kohl's representative arriving at Payne's house and telling her, "We don't want you to stress about having to share your Chewbacca mask."

Then, he presents her kids with their very own Chewbacca masks, as well as a number of other Star Wars toys. He also gives her $2,500 worth of Kohl's gift cards, along with 10,000 reward points for her birthday, so that all her costume needs will be met forever. One of her kids tries out the mask, which makes actual Chewbacca sounds, and let's just say he definitely takes after his mom. 

Now, Payne's got a house full of little Chewbaccas. Here's a family photo to prove it:

Candace Payne did not immediately return Complex's request for comment.


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