“Tearaway” Is Made Entirely Of (Virtual) Paper (Video)


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Ok, it was already pretty clear that Media Molecule’s new Vita title Tearaway looked pretty damn cool. I mean, this is a very creative-looking platfomer from the guys that made LittleBigPlanet so, it’s kind of a given. Tearaway’s premise is that it’s all about papercraft, which works well in the ways that you use your hands to break the fourth wall through your Vita to interact with virtual paper.

What wasn’t clear was that Tearaway is actually made of virtual paper. All of it.

Everything in the game has apparently been created by the art team simply folding virtual sheets of paper to exact specifications. Meaning that theoretically you could make anything and everything in the game in real life – which is exactly what Media Molecule wants you to do.

Instead of offering a creative space inside the world, now the developers want you to use your imagination to building whatever you want out of paper, and then share it with the world. They’re even launching a community site alongside the game when it hits later this month. (It’s all in the video.)

For its creativity Tearaway already looked like a cool prospect, but this whole virtual paper aspect is fantastically original. You excited to finally have something to play for your Vita?

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