"Final Fantasy III" Coming To Steam

"Final Fantasy III" Coming To Steam


The 3D version of Final Fantasy III, originally released for the DS back in 2006, has had an interesting trajectory – first Square-Enix was able to get it on mobile platforms like iPad (which seems tricky since it came out for a Nintendo system first as an exclusive); after it made the rounds from the App Store to Android and Windows phones, now it's landing on Steam.

While Square hasn't provided a release date for the latest port of the successful remake (the original version of the game came out for the Famicom in the '90s), Square has confirmed that it'll have Steam trading cards and achievements. Also, perhaps more the point, it'll look quite good and you won't have to deal with any touchscreen nonsense. Like all Square releases, FFIII will run you about $16 upon release, which somehow feels like a better deal than paying the same price for a version for your iPhone. If you haven't picked this one up on any other platform, Steam might just end up being the ideal place to do so.

[Via Joystiq

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