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In advance of its March release date, Namco-Bandai has released the first pages of a Dark Souls II companion comic dubbed "Into The Light" online. Written by Rob Williams and Andi Ewington with art by Simon Coleby (Williams and Coleby can also be seen in Vertigo's series The Royals, among others), it gives some prequel backstory to the undead hero presumably seen in the game's debut trailer. Namco-Bandai has said two free pages will be released every day until Dark Souls II is released on March 11.

While the existence of a prequel comic may strike some fans as somewhat unnecessary to the Souls' universe's oblique narrative (the first couple pages are a bit chatty) the stark black and white art is quite good, and as long as it doesn't go overboard on story details, Into The Light" should make for a nice little teaser for those that can't wait. You can check out the first couple of pages via the Dark Souls II Facebook page at the link below.

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