Come In From The Storm, Beckons "Below" (Video)

Come In From The Storm, Beckons "Below" (Video)

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Though Capy's assumedly underground-centric exploration dungeon-crawler (or whatever it is) Below debuted last year at E3, there is still little known about it. They haven't even really shown what it is, exactly, outside of a few cryptically, uh, indie trailers made up mostly of semi-lengthy long exterior shots of a cave – Plato, anyone? – as well as a few interior pans through mostly dark caverns as Jim Guthrie plays over the background. It's a good strategem to get people talking (hence this post); this new trailer debuting at Pax doesn't really reveal much more, but hey, at least now we know it's also coming out for Steam in addition to Xbox One.

Below should be out sometime later this year.

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