Jake Paul Immediately Busted His New $421,000 Ferrari Doing Donuts

The YouTuber got an impressive Ferrari 296 GTB, but the supercar didn't stay pristine for long.

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Jake Paul is known for outlandish stunts, but his newest vlog might take the cake. 

The 26-year-old purchased a Ferrari 296 GTB for $421,000 and recorded his first moments with the supercar. "It's been a year and a half waiting for this car. And the day is finally here," he said on the way to the dealership. "They said I am one of the first people with this car, so it's a pretty special moment right now." 

Paul got his new vehicle and went on a joyride, testing its speed. He then did donuts in a parking lot, ultimately breaking his car.

In the vlog, the car alarm started going off, reading "AVH system failure," "low beam failure," "manettino failure," and "ESC failure, return to the dealership." 

Paul didn't specify if he got his ride fixed, nor did he seem too worried, announcing he bought another Ferrari, an SF90 Spider, for $800,000.

His father recommended that his son should've broken in his car a bit more before pulling out his stunt driving. 

Jake Paul recently announced his next fight against Nate Diaz on Aug. 5, following his loss to Tommy Fury. "August 5th, we commemorate the funeral for Nathaniel Diaz as we send him in casket back to Dana," the YouTuber tweeted. The match will air via DAZN Boxing pay-per-view. 

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