The ‘KUWTK’ Robbery Episode Proves That Kim K Can Bounce Back From Anything

Even in a vulnerable moment, Kim Kardashian remains in control of her career.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Last night, the second episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired offering an inside look and the most information we’ve seen on Kim Kardashian’s life-changing robbery during Paris Fashion Week last October. After reports said the show was put on hold indefinitely just days after the break-in, Kardashian decidedly withdrew from her extremely active social media accounts and sharing new content on her app presumably to spend time with her family and navigate the severe changes that would need to take place in their lives following the incident. 

Naturally, in that time of social media radio silence, rumors burned down the Twitter timeline and turned into infinite clicks on gossip sites from stans to haters trying to determine whether the crime was an inside job, where the family’s main security guard Pasquale was at the time, how the intruders got in, and the status of Kim and Kanye West’s marriage. 

This isn’t the first time, and you could bet your whole ass this won’t be the last. Following having her privacy vengefully stripped away with the surfacing of her years-old sex tape, in an early revenge-porn move pulled by ex-boyfriend and still struggling for attention, former singer Ray-J. Kardashian moved forward, dropping a lawsuit against porn giant Vivid and ultimately entering a deal allowing her to profit from something that would be nearly impossible to remove from the internet. With this move she gained control and benefit to a situation that could easily have snowballed into hefty profits for others. 

Later, we would watch her openly regret nudity in Playboy and W magazine. And even then, after vowing never to go nude again, she would go on to pose nude (and absolutely fucking slay) for Paper in 2014, LOVE in 2015, and GQ in 2016, among others, and share nude selfies pregnant and self-censored. It came down to doing it her way, and in a way the reflected what she wanted it to. Paper Magazine didn’t put her on the cover of the Break The Internet issue for no reason. GQ’s was very sultry, almost casual nudity, and LOVE’s was extremely much more of a fashion editorial than she’d done in the past. She took what she learned from her experience with Playboy and pivoted. It’s safe to say Kardashian knows what she is doing when it comes to her career and her life at this point, and there isn’t much that can feasibly take that from her.  

So, when she took time off, (October 6, 2016 to January 3, 2017) from everything, she obviously took the needed time to spend with family, heal, reflect, and adjust, but also rebuild. Despite the announcement that the show was put on hold, we saw last night that there was footage being filmed during the immediate days following the Paris robbery. Better safe than sorry. Personal is personal, but with the Kardashians personal is also business whether it’s the birth of a baby, a marriage, a divorce, or tragedy. 

With this footage, she could closely work with Ryan Seacrest and the team at E! to ensure her story was told how she wanted, checking all of the boxes of things her and her family needed to address. We’d see Kanye’s brief visit to Paris mid-tour to dote on Kim and her outfits before the ordeal, as well as sitting with her and Kris in New York proclaiming if anything happened to her, he wouldn’t stop until they were all dead fully dispelling any marriage rumors. She pointed out people like famed d-bag, Howard Stern, who even went as far as to say Kim should be arrested if she were making the entire thing up, featured a very conscious plan of how to handle it with the children, and selectively show how Kanye, Kris, Kendall, Kourtney, Rob, and Khloe handled it. For the family that gives a lot, this episode gave enough, and it was exactly what Kardashian and co. wanted. By remaining in the driver seat and sharing this experience on KUWTK, she came off as affected, but resilient and ready to move forward. Much like she always has. 

There is a lot to gain in sharing the truth and embracing a situation dealt to her, personally and professionally, as she has proven time and time again. Kardashian’s bounce back is the very backbone of her entire being and brand and she will continue to find ways to succeed with that foundation under her.

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