If You Only See One Video Today, Watch This Goat Version of the "Jurassic Park" Theme Song

A screaming goat version of the "Jurassic Park" theme song is on YouTube.

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It's a well-established fact on the Internet that goats make excellent singers. Adding their unique vocal stylings to any song is a sure-fire way to get millions of views on YouTube. (If you haven't seen this goat version of Taylor's Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble," go watch it right now.) Now, we have this gem: a screaming goat version of the Jurassic Park theme song, courtesy of YouTube user Marca Blanca

The AV Club reports:

YouTube user Marca Blanca put together this compilation of goats screaming to evoke the majestic sounds of wonder and amazement that Williams intended when he penned his theme for Jurassic Park. For those suffering from post-Canada Day/pre-July 4th hangovers, this horrendous screaming will be a soothing balm (especially as one of the goats sounds suspiciously like Tina Belcher). 

John Williams might be having a fit, but we think it's pretty fantastic.

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