Dog Unearths Human Skull, Machete, Doll Head, Other Spooky Stuff in California Backyard

A human skull was found by a dog in Yuba City, California.

If your dog is incessantly digging it's probably after a gopher or maybe a long-lost Frisbee. Then again, it could be for a burial site with animal bones, machetes, a doll head, and a human skull

According to the LA Times, Aaron Kind's husky Skye had been obsessed with one particular spot in his yard in Yuba City when she finally found what she was looking for. After seeing the human skull Skye had found, Kind promptly phoned the police, who in turn called anthropologists from Cal State Chico to identify the remains. 

As it turns out, the burial site looks like it could have been related to traditions from "an ancient West African religion"—a somewhat confusing realization, considering Yuba City is a small town in Northern California.  

Scientists are currently attempting to date the skull. Foul play has not been ruled out. 

[via LA Times]

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