Amanda Seyfried Wants to Do Broadway

"Wicked" is her dream.

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Amanda Seyfried doing a Broadway musical isn't so far fetched. She starred in Mamma Mia! and more recently Les Misérables. The actors famously had to sing live (and the entire movie is singing), and her skills were much more well received than say, Russell Crowe's.

"I'd like to do something where there's one character who has one big song—a soprano song—but I don't know what that would be," she told E! News. Seyfried was supposed to debut on Broadway last year in The Shape of Things. "I wanted to do it, but it didn't end up working out. We had a director but no costar. But I gotta get on stage, man. I'd love it," she said.

Seyfried said her dream role would be in Wicked. "Defying Gravity" has certainly entered the musical theater canon, but could she hit those high notes like Idina Menzel?

"To be honest with you, nobody would put me in that. I would have to take another two years of voice lessons before I could do that."

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