Rumors About Ben Affleck's Next Batman Movie Are Out of Control

Rumors abound as to how much of a role Arkham Asylum will have in Affleck's solo Batman flick.

ben affleck

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ben affleck

Theories about the involvement of Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth in Ben Affleck's upcoming Batman flick have been rumbling through the fandom for months now—it's a well-loved part of the Batman franchise. But after Ben Affleck tweeted footage of Deathstroke strutting (which you can watch below), it became less and less likely that Arkham would fit into the narrative in a substantial way (or so the theory goes at Screen Crush.)

The idea that Affleck's Batman film would be set solely in Arkham seemed to look a little less possible on Saturday, when Heroic Hollywood's editor, Umberto Gonzalez, claimed he got a scoop that the film wouldn't be set in Arkham.

Fans were, to say the least, disappointed.

The film is still in its very bare-bones early stages (as of July, Affleck still hadn't finished the screenplay), so who knows what's real anymore? Only time—and Batfleck—will tell.

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