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The new update goes up tomorrow / Apple and Google will be filled with sorrow

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Change is coming. When the 2011 Xbox 360 dashboard update goes live tomorrow, users will immediately notice the differences in the console's interface, not to mention other additions like cloud-based game save storage and better Facebook integration.

The update will also set into motion Microsoft's master plan to dominate the world of interactive TV. Available tomorrow will be content from ESPN, Netflix, Hulu Plus and MSNBC's Today, with Sony's Crackle movies service, Dailymotion, Clear Channel's iHeartRadio,, TMZ, UFC, Verizon FiOS, VEVO, Walmart's Vudu, and Youtube popping up throughout the rest of the month. Next year will also see the integration of Best Buy's CinemaNow, HBO GO,, and Xfinity on demand. It looks like Microsoft has called in a lot of favors.

And that's just for the US—CVG has the listings for other countries as well. Also of note in the update are beacons, which let you set a persistent, open game invite for all your friends to see, and updated Kinect voice controls, which let you search across every available channel at once, tying it all together.

Analysts are saying Microsoft, not Apple or Google, is now the interactive TV solution to beat, according to CNN. As long as this all doesn't hamper our Gears 3 time, it's fine with us.

What else would you like to see Microsoft conquer? What would it take for you to cancel cable? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

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