Canadians React To Teletoon Rebranding As Cartoon Network

On March 27, 2023, Teletoon will officially ride off into the sunset as it will drop its branding and adopt Cartoon Network’s branding moving forward.

canada teletoon logo now before rebrand

canada teletoon logo now before rebrand

canada teletoon logo now before rebrand

Just over 25 years ago, Teletoon came into the lives of thousands of Canadian kids who tuned in regularly to watch their favourite cartoons.

Since then, the Canadian channel has aired its fair share of original programming while also borrowing shows from its sister channel Cartoon Network. On Mar 27, Teletoon will officially ride off into the sunset as it will drop its branding and adopt Cartoon Network’s branding moving forward.

To avoid any confusion, the channel currently listed as Cartoon Network on Canadian providers will also rebrand as Boomerang which will focus primarily on retro content and classic animation series.

Though Teletoon is only dying in name, Canadians still expressed their nostalgia on social media to pay homage to the legacy network that provided many kids—and animation aficionado adults—countless hours of entertainment both after school and on sleepless nights.

One user dug up a relic as Teletoon once produced an original Donkey Kong Country cartoon series that launched alongside the network.

Depressing news. The Donkey Kong Country cartoon was a Teletoon original production and launched alongside the network in 1997. Every Canadian kid who grew up in the 90s/00s has fond memories of this channel. It was *our* version of Cartoon Network, and we fucking loved it.

Teletoon was more than just the Canadian equivalent of CN, however. In addition to having its own lineup of original programming, Teletoon licensed cartoons from around the world—showcasing the diversity of the medium. It sucks to see it end like this, but it won't be forgotten.

Other users lamented over their favourite shows from their youth.

I loved Teletoon as a kid, What's with Andy had a bop

With Teletoon rebranding to Cartoon Network Canada, good time to reminiscence of the good toons that came from it 😔

Apparently, the Canadian broadcaster ‘Teletoon’ is being killed off and to be rebranded as Cartoon Network. They helped produced Seasons 3-5 of Totally Spies (titled Totally Spies Undercover) as well as the spin-off series, The Amazing SpieZ.

The channel that introduced me to this gem of a show as a kid. R.I.P. Teletoon

But most were simply just nostalgic for the shows the network allowed them to discover throughout the day.

RIP Teletoon. So many times having insomnia and watching the late night blocks to see classics and discover new shows

Teletoon YTV Family Channel the holy trinity of Canadian television growing up, sucks that Teletoon is going man, it had some legit gems

Total Drama, Wayside, 6Teen, and more: as a kid who grew up in Vancouver, Teletoon had it all. End of an era for a brand I was too young to appreciate as being iconically Canadian 🫡


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