The Most Outrageous Haters of "Grand Theft Auto V" Since Its Release So Far

You knew it was bound to happen.

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It's only been a few days since Grand Theft Auto V was released and the haters are already chiming in. It only took one day for the fifth official GTA title to rake in over $800 million and judging by critics along with fans, Grand Theft Auto V is positioned to be game of the year on everyone's list. 

It's often been advised by celebrities for people to ignore haters but sometimes, they can be so ridiculous that one can't help but lend an ear out of curiousity. 

What is about to follow are examples of people blaming GTA V for everything under the sun. Athletes are coming under fire for risking their seasons, tourism to countries are plummeting and old anti-video game activists have become re-energized due to GTA's latest release. Hold on to your socks folks, because this one is a doosey.

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Fans of Benoît Assou Ekotto

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The day after Grand Theft Auto V came out, Queens Park Rangers/Tottenham Hotspurs soccer star Benoît Assou Ekotto tweeted out that he woke up an hour ago from a marathon play of the game.

Fans were instantly outraged, thinking that the baller meant that he had been up since 1am playing GTA V and that his field game would suffer from it. Assou-Ekotto quickly corrected everyone with another tweet explaining that he had awaken an hour ago, not that he'd been up so late playing.

There was no other gripes after Assou-Ekotto's last tweet but this is all a testament to how insanely obsessive futbol fans are. Come on, the guy is a professional, he knows if he can handle a bit of virtual mischief before a game.

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