The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundboard

Get ready for the release of "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" on iOS!

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It feels like it was only a few weeks since gamers knee-deep in the neon-glam aesthetic of the 80s themed Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 2004. In addition to its incredible soundtrack, Vice City raised the bar for open world games with a robust script that merged influences from the film Scarface, the Miami Vice TV show, and Rockstar's infamous twisted, dark humor that made them stand out from every other games publisher.

This soundboard brings together all the sounds and memorable quotes that captured the feel of GTA: Vice City. Who could forget the start of Vice City gangster Ricardo Diaz' obnoxious demands when he informs Tommy Vercetti of his ownership? It was one of those moments where you knew that a deadly double cross or shady mishap was right around the corner. It's also the same uneasiness felt when "The Party" mission began where you had to chauffeur a military dictator's flirty daughter, Mercedes Cortez to a night club. From the moment she asked if she could put her hand on Tommy's lap it was a sure sign that Mercedes was going to be way more trouble than she seemed. Other characters like the stereotypical 80s rock DJ and fan favorite, Lazlow, suspicious partner Lance Vance and hilariously tasteless televangelist Pastor Richards round out the unforgettable personalities to come across on your way up the ladder in Vice City's underworld.

There's no way we could leave out the best sound effects in Vice City either. Guns, grenades and the iconic "mission completed" effect should have you wasting hours of time. Check out our Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundboardand let us know what kind of mischief you'll be using it for.


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