New 'Justice League' Trailer Hints Superman Might Return

A new trailer for 'Justice League" dropped at San Diego Comic Con, and it looks like Superman could be back.

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With rumors swirling around the cast of the upcoming Justice League movie, it was time for Warner Bros. to give fans another taste of the upcoming movie. At San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, they got exactly that, in the form of another trailer for the soon-to-release action movie.

The latest trailer spends the first few minutes profiling the heroes in each of their respective fields of mastery; Aquaman diving through the ocean, Cyborg taking over powerful equipment, and the Flash injecting some humor and tempo into each of his scenes. Of course, there's Batman looming over it all, assessing the scene from well above the proverbial playing field.

batman chillin

We should finally get an extended look at Flash's powers over the course of a full movie, having seen them mostly in small cameos up until this point. Ezra Miller's character admits he's new to the battle scene during the trailer, but his powers still deserve tremendous respect.

the flash pointing

And of course, there will be a truckload of action in Justice League, which we got a small glimpse of during the trailer, between Wonder Woman beating up baddies and the primary villain, Steppenwolf, causing a ruckus.

justice league violence

The one big absence is obvious, with the franchise still leaving the presence of Superman in doubt after the way Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice ended. But there is hope for fans of the flying Kryptonian.

At the very end of the trailer, we see Alfred talking to someone off-screen, saying simply, "He said you'd come. Now let's hope you're not too late." While the rest of the trailer shows the heroes trying to move on in a Superman-less world, this mysterious ending lends hope to the idea he'll be back.

The Superman rumors were further fueled by his logo popping up in a new poster for the film, alongside those of the known members who will feature in the Justice League film.

You can’t save the world alone. The cast of #JusticeLeague unites in Hall H TODAY. #WBSDCC

For now, it's all just speculation, but even if Supes doesn't appear in Justice League, there was plenty of ass-kicking in the trailer for comic book fans to get excited about. You can watch the full trailer up top.


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