Instagram Star Dan Bilzerian Says He's Going to Become a Substitute Teacher

Dan Bilzerian wants to teach your children. Not sure how we feel about that.

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If your first thought when seeing Dan Bilzerian's name in a headline is, "Who is Dan Bilzerian and why should I care about him?" you are roughly as qualified as I am to write about him. Nevertheless, this trust fund trooper had an interview of some (?) significance with Graham Bensinger, who tends to get his subjects to open up about a variety of subjects in their personal and professional lives.

The professional poker player and son of a corporate raider discussed a variety of topics with Bensinger. His next big move? Diving deeper into the marijuana business, allegedly, where he says he can make a bunch of extra money on top of what he's making currently.

"I could be making like probably $10-15 million a year just like posting shit on my Instagram, ads, but I just haven’t done that. So when I do post something business related, I want it to be something that I think is better than the competition," said Bilzerian. "Like when I do my edible line and my concentrate line, it’s going to be the best one out there. And it’s going to be extremely well tested. And you’re going to have consistency in the product. Unlike a lot of stuff in the industry where it’s kind of like the wild west out there… I want to be the fucking Coca Cola of the fucking weed industry."

Hopefully Bilzerian will keep us all updated on the day when weed becomes fully legal and available in vending machines, convenience stores, and soft drink dispensers. Until then, he is going to set up shop where all of America's greatest thinkers and businessmen spend the bulk of their time: waiting for assignments from a substitute teaching service. That's right, the guy trying to sell you weed also wants unfettered access to your children!

"I got rejected initially, but I think I got accepted now," said Bilzerian. "It just seems like it would be kinda cool to be able to actually teach kids important stuff. I feel like you learn so much useless shit in school." When Bensinger correctly pointed out that teachers (especially substitutes) are tasked with following the curriculum, Bilzerian was unfazed. "What the fuck are they going to do, fire me?" Now there's the voice and leadership we need in our classrooms shaping America's youth. 

If you're interested, you can watch Bilzerian discuss his substitute teaching aspirations above, his master plan for the weed industry below, along with all the individual clips from the interview.

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