Steam Revokes Over 7000 Stolen "Sniper Elite 3" Codes

7050 Steam codes for "Sniper Elite 3" were stolen and sold to unknowing customers, who are now left out in the rain.

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Thousands of Steam codes were stolen from an online gaming distributor then illegally sold to outlets and handed off to unsuspecting gamers.

Neither Valve, who runs Steam or the game's developer Rebellion, were compensated for the 7050 keys that were stolen to unknowing customers.

Players who bought a revoked keys are being offered the pre-order Target Hitler DLC, but isn't offering the full game to players who got a stolen key. It says instead to contact the retailer and demand a refund since it seems some of these retailers had no idea the keys were stolen.

There are many game key retailers who sell game codes at greatly reduced prices and most of the time this works out fine. Yet since none of the sales went to Steam or the developer there is little they can do to compensate gamers that got the shaft. Got a bum key? Check out Rebellion's help page.

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