Modder Turns "Grand Theft Auto V" Into a First-Person Shooter (Video)

A modder has turn "Grand Theft Auto V" into a first-person shooter bringing players down to street level.

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Gamers have been flying, driving, sticky-bombing and pedestrian punching their way across the virtual world of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V for months now so it might be challenging to look at this world in a new way. But one modder has created a script that turns the violent city into a even more disturbing first-person shooter. Disturbing because players are even closer to the mayhem they are causing.

The first video shows the modder XLToothPix activating a scrip to bring the view down to street level. Then causing a bit of trouble. The video below shows how the first-person perspective would work in vehicles and while aircraft seem pretty easy, it would definitely make driving cars more challenging.

Grand Theft Auto V was recently announced for release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as PC. So expect a lot more GTA moding to come this fall.

View this video on YouTube

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[via TotalXbox, XBLToothPik]


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