Nearly 40 Percent of Games Purchased on Steam Are Never Played

It's been discovered that nearly 40 percent of games purchased on Steam are never played

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In an in-depth study into gamer habits on Steam, tech mag Ars Technica has revealed some interesting information. It turns out that 37 percent of all games purchases on the online PC distribution service have never been played.

Ars has been randomly searching through 172 million Steam Community IDs for over two months as source material for its results. As it turns out, while there may be great variety on Steam, two games dominate the service. What's more surprising? They are both free to play. DOTA 2and Team Fortress 2each have over 20 million users. The nearest game to these free-to-play giants is Half-Life 2: Lost Coast will over 12 million.

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With all the sales on Steam it's no surprise that some gamers haven't got around to tackling the pile of games purchased but it seems that users fall victim to video game hoarding. The difference being that nearly everyone who has DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2 has played the game while 12.77 million gamers own Half-Life 2: Lost Coast only 2.1 million people have actually played it since 2009.

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Some of the older Valve games such as Day of Defeat and Ricochet show up as being relatively unplayed by anyone. This is because Valve didn't introduce the “hours played” metric to Steam until 2009, so those values are only truly accurate for games released after that time.

How many untouched games do you have in your Steam Library?

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