From Jamie Lee Curtis to Neve Campbell, Which Horror Movie 'Final Girl' Are You?

Are you a Sally from 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre', a Laurie from 'Halloween', or a Sidney from 'Scream'? Take the quiz to find out.

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Many classic horror movies have something in common: By the end of it, there's one girl left, the one who survives to tell the tale. This is a trope commonly known as the "final girl." Some characteristics of a final girl include having a unisex name and being virginal—"having sex gets you killed in a horror movie" is another well-known trope. Laurie Strode in Halloween is the ultimate example of the classic final girl, in the way that her chasteness seems to be directly linked to her survival, but other classic final girls include Sally from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the heroines in the Friday the 13th series. Sometimes, the trope is subverted—Neve Campbell's Sidney Prescott has sex in Scream while Olivia Hussey's Jess Bradford in Black Christmas has an abortion. What ties them all together, though, is the fact that they survive, escaping or killing, the villain. When all her friends get killed off, the final girl becomes a sign of hope, and taps into her inner strength to come out alive.

But no two final girls are the same. Ellen Ripley from Alien is nothing like Nancy Thompson from Nightmare on Elm Street, who's so different from Suzy Bannion from Suspiria or Julie James from I Know What You Did Last Summer. Have you ever wondered which one of these surviving girls would be you in a horror movie? Are you a Laurie or a Sidney? There's only one way to find out... Take the quiz below.

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