Daniel Radcliffe Calls Hollywood Undeniably Racist, Criticizes Donald Trump

Daniel Radcliffe talked about the racism in Hollywood on BBC News, as well as Donald Trump.

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Daniel Radcliffe, formerly known as Harry Potter but more recently and widely known as a contestant on Complex's Woke Bae Bracket, was caught being a woke bae again in an interview with BBC News. Radcliffe has been known to speak out about social injustice (how do you think he landed a coveted spot in our bracket, duh) after a clip of him shutting down a sexist interview question went mildly Tumblr-viral. But the receipts can be found in several interviews: he's come out as a feminist, loathes homophobia, and has spoken out against Hollywood racism

He drove the last point home again today speaking to BBC's Victoria Derbyshire (watch the video here). When asked about Hollywood's racism, the 27-year-old actor said it's "pretty undeniable." He added, "We like to think ourselves as a very progressive industry. But we have been lagging behind in all kinds of areas that have been well-documented."

Ain't that true. 

Radcliffe then went onto criticize Donald Trump for stirring up "fear and hatred," speak out against anti-Semitism in the Labor Party ("absolutely awful" and "mind-blowing"), and bring up the topic of LGBT rights, which he's been known to be passionate about (he said gay actors are afraid of being typecast and thus so many stay in the closet).

Regarding stepping back into the shoes of Harry Potter? Radcliffe says probably not for a while—like 30 years a while—because he's enjoying getting to play all these other roles post-Potter. This summer, Radcliffe did a superb job playing a corpse. In other, lighter news, click here to read Complex's interview with Radcliffe in which he admits his fear of farting.

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