Since You Lamed On 'Widows' In Theaters, Watch the First 10 Minutes Right Now

Fox released the first 10 minutes of Steve McQueen's 2018 film 'Widows' for free online. Buy the blu-ray today.

View this video on YouTube

For some reason, ya'll slept on Steve McQueen's 2018 high-art heist film Widows. That's after us telling you to watch out for Cynthia Erivo, who pulled off an exciting supporting role. That's after us telling you how real the interracial relationship between Liam Neeson and Viola Davis (who carried the entire film on her back) was. Hell, that's after we gave the film the top spot on our Best Movies of 2018 list, in which we hoped McQueen's opus would end up being "a blueprint for the future." If that future means all of the Oscar snubs, then we've succeeded!

The film, which follows a group of widows trying to pull off a heist after their husbands' untimely demise, is out now on digital, and hits Blu-ray on February 5, and today Fox dropped the high-octane opening on YouTube today. In it, we get to see McQueen weave his tale perfectly: we're introduced to each set of couples, getting loads of information packed into each scene, setting us for a film full of twists and turns.

Don't take our word for it, though; check out the first 10 minutes up above, and if you haven't watched yet, rectify that tonight. Or this weekend. Or whenever you delegate time to catch up on fire that you missed.

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