Todd McFarlane and Steve Aoki Discuss Their New NFT Venture, OddKey

Longtime friends and entrepreneurs Todd McFarlane and Steve Aoki have launched a new NFT venture, OddKey. They discuss their plans, its marketplace, and more.

Steve Aoki Todd McFarlane

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Steve Aoki Todd McFarlane

Would NFTs be wider spread if the barrier of entry—or understanding WTF an NFT is—was lower? It’s possible. Think about how many creatives could be riding a lucrative digital wave if they could crack this code, right? Setting up the right platform to allow safe transactions of digital art would be a gamechanger, and with the debut of, the new NFT marketplace from media giants Todd McFarlane and Steve Aoki, the game may be changing.

Their marketplace, which is powered by Metaplex, was designed specifically to make it easier for creators to enter the NFT space and sell their work safely. McFarlane did it back in 1992 when he co-founded Image Comics; their entire make-up was the creatives behind the books retaining ownership of their creations. Aoki—through Aoki Industries and Dim Mak—has been a driving creative force, merging pop culture with future innovations in sound. His love of collecting, Spawn, and tech has effectively gotten us to where we are now.

“We’re not here to dictate people’s taste,” Aoki told Complex during a recent interview about OddKey with McFarlane “We’re here to deliver what they want, and hopefully so will some of the other creative people that come.” For those of you who want to get in on OddKey early, there is a raffle being held where you can win 1 of 6,666 SPAWNOKI NFTs, putting you ahead of the OddKey game.

During that conversation, Todd McFarlane and Steve Aoki spoke on the origin of, their vision for the marketplace, and their hopes for how this new venture can help creators explore their visions while safely entering the NFT space. “We are literally building the road,” Aoki says. “We’re the architects of the future.” Here’s what we learned about OddKey, from McFarlane and Aoki themselves.

The Origin

Steve Aoki and Todd McFarlane first meeting in Las Vegas

The Marketplace

Steve Aoki Todd McFarlance

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Steve Aoki, Spawn, and Todd McFarlane

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