Universal is Bringing 'The Wicked + The Divine' to TV

Another great Image comic is hitting the small screen thanks to Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick.

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While Marvel runs the film industry, Image Comics is starting to make an impact on the TV realm. While everyone already knows what time it is when it comes to The Walking Dead, the two-year deal that Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick signed with Universal TV should be very interesting. They're already bringing their critically-acclaimed Sex Criminals to TV, and Deadline reported that their Milkfed Criminal Masterminds production company is bringing The Wicked + The Divine, the three Eisner Award nominated Image comic from Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Matt Wilson to TV.

The Wicked + The Divine debuted in June of 2014 and took the comics world by storm; Gillen's wit paired with McKelvie's bright, '80s-inspired art has been a thing of beauty. The comic tells the story of The Pantheon—aka a group of normal teens who were suddenly hit with magical superpowers after being inhabited by the spirits of gods—and has already gained Best Comic honors at the 2014 British Comic Awards.

This isn't the first time Gillen and McKelvie have linked up for comic book fire; their previous run together was for Young Avengers, the GLAAD Award-winning Marvel book. They also dropped a cult classic for Image back in 2006, Phonogram, and both have their own individual credits as well.

With Milkfed being a breeding ground to help get fire comic books to the TV masses, one has to imagine what the next project from this deal could be.

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