Terrence Howard as a Jedi Might Be Our Favorite Meme, Mayne

This is a brilliant Photoshop challenge, mayne.

Terrence Howard as Luke Skywalker in 'The Last Jedi'

Image via Twitter

Terrence Howard as Luke Skywalker in 'The Last Jedi'

It really isn't hard to craft internet gold, mayne. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple Photoshop request. Aye, you don't believe me, mayne? Peep how easy this was.

You see that, mayne? That request was filled in 15 minutes, and it turned into a goldmine for these Terrence-as-a-Jedi jokesters, mayne.

"Ain't no more Jedi mayne" pic.twitter.com/lucWVfKB3N
The Sith ain't messin wit this here force mayne pic.twitter.com/0GC6dIPKVf
“Y’all swinging lightsabers, mayne?” pic.twitter.com/iJV2IaWSSA
Aye mayne, Rae mayne, that nigga Darf Vada my daddy mayne pic.twitter.com/DAmTKecMmA
ay mayne u was sposed to be the chosen one mayne pic.twitter.com/RHkPGlQWqD
“The force ain’t gone just be wit you... you gotta WONT that shit mayne.. you gotta feel that shit mayne” pic.twitter.com/nkAnceUZOn

But you see, the thing with these ideas, mayne, is that they never stick to one lane. If a group of people see this mayne all getting thousands of retweets on some Star Wars: The Last Jedi shit, why not appropriate that mayne into your own favorite TV shows and movies?

@FlowsAndolini That wasn't part of the deal, mayne! pic.twitter.com/UgAIKOchZl
Aye Rangers, Angel Grove need y’all help mayne pic.twitter.com/EyYp7mwtMj
ay them white walkers got dragons now mayne pic.twitter.com/I4YSm5ONJR
“Hey mayne heh but tell me...do you bleed mayne?” pic.twitter.com/AVBSEGs0LN
"Get this man a shield Mayne." pic.twitter.com/ErsoUD2e1X
"It don't matter if it's an inch or a mile, a win is a win mayne" pic.twitter.com/9cqeQepyBo

Aye, mayne, a win really is a win, mayne. And Twitter, you stay winning, mayne.

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