Relive Your Skateboarding Dreams With New 'Mid90s' Trailer

A24 has released a new trailer for 'Mid90s,' Jonah Hill's directorial debut. Check it out now before it hits theaters on Oct. 19.

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If you're anything like us, you should be hype for A24's Mid90s, Jonah Hill's directorial debut, which hits theaters Oct. 19. The first trailer did a great job of marrying slick skating footage, a bombastic soundtrack, and teen angst into what could be one of this year's most talked-about films. You get a bit more of that with this second trailer, but with much more story.

One of the bigger themes we see in this trailer is why Stevie (Sunny Suljic) finds solace in the ragtag group of skaters. There's a very violent and troubling homelife that appears to be what he's escaping from, and while guys like Ray (Na-kel Smith) are there to make sure Stevie knows that everyone has bad times, Stevie does seem to be going through it. Skating, and the life that accompanies it, is his home away from home, and allows him to blossom like he can't in his actual home.

Another thing you'll see in this trailer is the love that Mid90s is getting from critics. We hate to be that guy, but there's a lot of buzz about what Hill's created, stitching memories and vibes from his time as a youth into this captivating feature film. Check out the second trailer up top.


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