Go Behind the Conspiracy With This 'Marvel's The Punisher' Featurette

Everything you need to know about 'Marvel's The Punisher' in less than four minutes.

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With so much ill TV out, we wouldn't be surprised if you've not caught up on Marvel's The Punisher. Truth be told, the way he was worked into Daredevil season two, there are a number of people wondering if you should be up on his story there before watching this (spoiler: you probably should). And even if you're up on the comic book character, Marvel's latest Netflix series works an intriguing conspiracy into Frank Castle's transformation into The Punisher that's looked at in the above featurette.

In this inside look at the series, we not only hear from Jon Bernthal and the creators of the series, but we start to understand how entrenched in the world of the military that this season of television is. It's a complex story that they've weaved; kudos to the creators for finding a way to reimagine Castle's backstory while making it relevant to both his debut in Daredevil and the MCU as a whole.

With the holidays coming, you've truly got no excuse: dive into this featurette up above, then brace yourself for this action-packed, gut-wrenching season. Season one of Marvel's The Punisher is currently streaming on Netflix.

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