Premiere: Luke Cage Puts Harlem on His Back in the New Trailer for His Netflix Series

The latest trailer for Netflix series 'Luke Cage' gives us more information on the invincible Harlem superhero.

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Just a few weeks removed from Luke Cage blowing the collective minds of Marvel/Netflix fans with that dynamic teaser, Netflix is BACK with the new trailer for their upcoming series, and we get to learn so much more about Luke Cage, Marvel's Harlem, and how everything intersects.

We've already heard that Luke Cage, which will mark Marvel's first African American-led series, would properly represent Harlem to the fullest. But in this trailer, we get to see the city that Alfre Woodard's Mariah Dillard calls a "perpetual symbol of hope and prosperity." As the intensity builds to the soundtrack of Isaac Hayes' "Walk On By," we get to see the violence and despair that looms in the wake of Cottonmouth's bloody reign. Rosario Dawson, who's all over this trailer, instructs Luke that "if you want justice, you have to get it yourself," and it's ON (to the soundtrack of the Run the Jewels remix of Miike Snow's "Heart Is Full").

Aside from all Rosario everything, we get to see Cottonmouth bloodying up his sleeves while pummeling a foe, as well as Simone Missick as fan favorite Misty Knight. There's even a glimpse of how Luke became the invincible superpower that's now fighting for the people in Harlem.

For anyone still questioning how awesomely black Luke Cage will be, this trailer should set you at ease. Hopefully we'll catch another taste (or two) of the show before it premieres on Sep. 30 via Netflix.

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