Everything You Need to Know About 'Jessica Jones'

Get to know Jessica Jones before the premiere of Marvel's 'Jessica Jones.'


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While Marvel's Cinematic Universe has gone super global, their Netflix run of critically-acclaimed shows have kept it New York—so New York that the first two series take place smack-dab in Hell's Kitchen. Picking up where Daredevil left us is Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter, about a private eye with a dark past, a drinking problem, and a batch of super powers to aid her way in keeping the city safe and finding the man who messed up her life. 

With every comic book adaptation, you're bound to get some changes in the characters that have been shaped for YEARS by comic book creators and how they're perceived on the silver (and digital) screens. What's dope about Jessica Jones, though, is that she's relatively new—her story was first told in Brian Michael Bendis' 2001 series Alias, which stretched into The Pulse, which led to Jessica being down with the Avengers. She's an interesting choice for a new series; while she has history with Daredevil in the comics (even sharing a sadistic villain in Killgrave, The Purple Man), she's not been in the comic book world as long as many of the characters that have been brought over. She's fresh, and has enough juice in her origin and attitude that bringing her many talents to Netflix for a gritty, revealing tale is more than welcome.

For those of you who are up on Krysten Ritter but might not be as close to the source material, don't fret; here's a quick guide into the main meat of Jessica Jones' life as a Marvel Comics character (with some insight on the importance of these facts). Season 2 drops Thursday, March 8, so consider this required preliminary reading.

She has some standard superhero abilities

The Purple Man f*cked her life up

She was a private investigator

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are married

She used to crush on Spider-Man

She wasn't always known as Jessica Jones

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