This Crazy Easter Egg Theory Might Confirm 'Black Mirror' Takes Place in One Universe

Frazier and khal dive into 'Black Mirror' and how the season four finale, "Black Museum," opens up the lore of the series and the ominous company behind much of the tech on the show, TCKR.

Netflix closed out 2017 with Black Mirror's solid fourth season. While Charlie Brooker's contained one true standout ("U.S.S. Callister") and a number of above-average tales (including "Hang the DJ"), one of the most talked-about episodes was the finale, "Black Museum." While many outlets didn't catch the references today's struggle that were embedded in the storyline, this episode appeared to prove, through a series of Easter Eggs, that the series is a bit more connected than these standalone episodes would make you believe.

Today, we bring you footage of Complex's own Frazier Tharpe and khal, who broadcasted their findings on the relationship between Black Mirror, the nefarious company behind much of the tech on the show (TCKR Systems), and the different ways Black Mirror is playing out IRL. Jeff Bezos, stay woke. And note: if you have not finished Black Mirror , especially its fourth season (including "Black Museum"), this episode contains many spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

Check out the full look at "Black Museum" and its Easter Eggs, and let us know what you think about both season four of Black Mirror and what this new discovery might mean for future seasons of Black Mirror.

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